Building Security Systems

On-Site Security

  • Building Management provides a minimum of two security officers on site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The first floor lobby security console is continuously staffed to provide immediate assistance, as needed. Additional coverage is provided for building patrols, incident investigation and officer relief.
  • All Security and Engineering personnel are provided with two-way radios to maintain on-going communication for building operation and emergency response.


  • CCTV cameras are in-use throughout building entry/exit ways and common areas, such as the lobby and parking garage. These cameras are monitored by lobby security officers and supervisors stationed in security control rooms.
  • The loading dock is under continuous surveillance, in addition to being monitored by the dock officer during business hours.

Access Cards and Turnstiles

  • Access cards are issued to every 111 South Wacker tenant employee. When entering the building, an employee will need to use this card at the turnstiles and elevator kiosks to gain floor access. The name and company will be recorded on the security access system, as part of maintaining a log of employees, visitors and vendors entering the building.

Duress Intercoms

  • Duress boxes are located throughout the perimeter and parking garage areas. When the red button is pushed, it will initiate two-way communication with the lobby security console. The officer on duty will then provide assistance as needed.


  • All stairwell doors are locked on the stairwell side, except for the first floor lobby.
  • Travel within the stairwells during normal operation is limited and inaccessible above the second floor, except through tenant floors equipped with card readers.
  • The stairwell doors are equipped with concealed electronic switches which allow them to automatically unlock in the event of a building emergency.